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It’s no great secret that business is extremely competitive. As you deliver services and distribute your products or manufacture utilizing best practices, you spend time and money on R&D, training staff, advertising and quality control. Yet when it comes to managing AR, some companies don’t approach it with the same commitment and creativity.

At Steph’s Books, we turn the AR function into a business process  that will help you improve cash flow, save time, money and improve quality and flexibility. By outsourcing your Accounts Receivable, you will collect more, and you’ll collect it faster.

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Simple Reports & Total Transparency

Transparency Creates Peace of Mind

It’s important to your customers that their statements are easy to understand. Now you can easily give your customers a clear, concise picture of their payment status and responsibilities while encouraging prompt payment.

The time and collection opportunities lost to inefficient billing and payment processes can hurt your bottom line. We offer ways to make your billing more accurate and efficient

The reporting of payment activity is critical to measure collection performance. We provide a 360 degree view of all payment activity allowing the ability to track, audit and control collections.

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Collect with Confidence without Complications

Collect Efficiently to Keep Your Bottom Line

When it comes to collections, we offer a flexible and complete collection service that starts early in the payment process. Our system alerts us before a particular customer turns into a collection problem, allowing you to reclaim potentially lost revenue before it becomes a problem and strengthening your relationship with that customer.

This keeps you out of the red and helps to obtain a wider company success picture. As time goes on, Steph’s Books helps to all but eliminate catastrophe spend and lost dollars. This keeps you happy and your business booming.

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