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Business banking and statement management is getting out of control. The number of different account types is rising everyday, further splitting your money into many little buckets. It can be a struggle to even remember all your accounts, let alone how much is in each one.

Steph’s Books alleviates this stress with our Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation program.

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Understand the Purpose and Use of Each Account

Keeping Your Accounts Straight

Like most business owners, you have a few forms of payment at your disposal. You have the business funds, credit cards, personal funds, and potential business loans. Each of those has even more broken down categories, such as marketing expenses, maintenance, payroll, and cash on hand.

Knowing exactly where you money is and how much there is, can help save your company, both in an emergency and in daily operations. Steph’s Books focuses on providing accurate and easy to understand tracking of each of these accounts.

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Never Miss a Payment Again

Account Categorization Makes Tracking a Breeze

Once we have a firm understanding on where your money is and how much, Steph’s Books can assist in developing new, decommissioning old, and restructuring existing accounts. This will create more clarity and bring your business into and above industry standards.

With decades of experience and knowledge, as well as an accessible, friendly staff, Steph’s Books makes reconciling your funds easy and helps you escape the daily drudge of accounting. That way, you get back to what you do best, knowing your books are carefully managed.

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