Business Needs Don't Need to Disrupt It

Everyday, businesses spend money to make money. Your business is no different. Some expenses are known well in advance and can be planned and budgeted, but what happens when unexpected expenses occur? The roof starts to leak and the budget goes out the window. Then, your top salesman is in a car accident in the company car.

These things are not only possibilities, but are almost guarantees. How do you recover and make sure that little costs don’t water down the bottom line?

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Know Where Your Money is Being Spent

The Expense of Expense Management

Steph’s Books is your most valuable player when it comes to expense management and control. We review your expense accounts against the submitted requests from your employees to make certain that your money is spent on your business.

We keep a careful eye on receipts and statements, which helps you to build trust in your employees and only sweat the big stuff.

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Discover Cost Savings Through Analysis

Expense Budgeting & Auditing

The most valuable part of Steph’s Books Expense Management isn’t the day to day reconciliation. It is the trends and analysis that we provide to help your business going forward. By tracking your expenses, we will begin to see reoccurring events, that we previously unexpected, as budgeted and prepared spends.

This keeps you out of the red and helps to obtain a wider company success picture. As time goes on, Steph’s Books helps to all but eliminate catastrophe spend and lost dollars. This keeps you happy and your business booming.

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