Plan Your Project and Stick to It

Your business has a rhythm, but sometimes, there are items and projects that fall outside that rhythm. When that happens, spending plans can get warped or skewed trying to fit in the extra spend.

In addition, those projects can become entangled messes of AP, AR, and credit management. This can leave you in a jam when payday comes. Steph’s Books eliminates this risk.

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Create a Unified, Shared Project Plan

The Project Accounting Mastermind

When you have Steph’s Books on your team for day one of any project, we are there to help you succeed. We assist in the creation of project goals and the financial hurdles they will need to climb. then, we become your hawkeyed ledgerman, ensuring that each dollar is accounted for and put toward project goals.

By being with you from the project’s inception, we can not only understand your goals, but predict future needs and make project suggestions along the way.

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Track and Audit Your Project Spend

Reconcile Your Projects

When the project comes to a close, we transition to the role of auditor. This process ensures our accuracy and you project funding objectives were kept. Sometimes, we discover the spend was not what was anticipated and can assist in future projects or create analytics to drive increased efficiency.

We can also reconcile projects from the past, creating powerful analytics and ensuring spend was accurately recorded.

If you have been considering hiring a project manager, let Steph’s Bookkeeping Service LLC show you how our custom, outsourced bookkeeping services offer a better way. Contact us today to start up a conversation!

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