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As a lawyer, your time is money, and your business requires experienced law firm bookkeeping you can trust. Let us help you keep track of your IOLTA account to avoid any penalties as well as manage the full scope of your financial records for peace of mind.

About Our Services

At Steph’s Books, we’re passionate about helping our clients achieve and maintain meticulous financial records. We offer a broad range of services backed by 25 years in the field, and we’re ready to take the administrative workload off your shoulders and save you time.


When you work with us, you can focus more on your passion and give your clients the attention they deserve. Outsourcing your law firm’s bookkeeping is also a cost-saving alternative to hiring an in-person employee.

Benefits of Bookkeepers for Lawyers

Accurate financial records are essential for making informed business decisions. Our services can provide you with a clear picture of your finances that will enable your firm to make the best decisions possible related to budgeting, spending and investments.


Bookkeeping services can also help you manage your cash flow by providing insights into your revenue and expenses. This information will help you decide when to invoice clients, when to pay bills and how to allocate resources.


Clients may rely on you as their lawyer to hold their money in a trust. Trust accounting is layered with responsibilities, and it’s imperative that your firm keep precise records and follow legal regulations. At Steph’s Books, we can help you prevent any potential issues with your clients and with the bar. Our mission is to help protect your firm and ensure that the funds are appropriately managed.

We Help Keep Your IOLTA Account Up to Date

The Steph’s Books team can help you stay prepared in case of an IOLTA account audit with our professional record-keeping of your financial records. We will ensure that your IOLTA account is compliant with legal and ethical requirements and that all transactions are properly recorded and the account is regularly reconciled.

Other benefits of partnering with us to manage your IOLTA account include:

  • Experience peace of mind: With our law firm bookkeeping services, you can be confident that your IOLTA account is being managed accurately. This includes tracking interest earned on the account and ensuring that all funds are properly allocated.
  • Save time: Keeping an IOLTA account up to date can consume valuable billing hours. When you outsource this responsibility to a reputable bookkeeping service provider, you free up time to focus on other important aspects of your legal practice.
  • Mitigate risk: We help you mitigate the risk of errors or omissions that can lead to compliance issues. With our team, you can reduce the risk of mistakes and ensure that your IOLTA account is expertly managed.

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For reliable bookkeeping services for your law firm, turn to Steph’s Books. We provide a wide range of packages that are customized to your practice’s unique needs.


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