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Whether you’re a new small business owner or a seasoned professional with years of experience, online bookkeeping services are necessary for the growth and improvement of any organization. With the help of professional bookkeepers, you can organize and manage your finances without sacrificing your time or resources. When you hire us, you’ll find that the cost of bookkeeping services for small businesses is a small price to pay in exchange for excellent financial organization and success.

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Why Choose Steph’s Bookkeeping Services?

We don’t hide behind robots and algorithms. At Steph’s Books, you get real people who are invested in growing your business every day. We specialize in bookkeeping services for independent contractors, construction companies, small businesses, and professional services throughout McHenry, IL and beyond. With over 25 years of experience, we understand the importance of financial literacy and individualized care. We offer customized packages for our clients, ensuring that we meet your needs.

Our business may be managing numbers, but we believe people are at the core of everything we do. We learn about your business one-on-one with you and do more than just keep records. We provide insights on your financial health and training resources for financial literacy.

Our bookkeepers also have QuickBooks ProAdvisor certifications from Intuit. This certificate means we can confidently guide you through navigating the software from a technical and bookkeeping perspective. Even if you need advanced help, every QuickBooks ProAdvisor has access to tools and resources to find solutions to complex situations. We will also go the extra mile to connect you with the tools you need to succeed in excellent financial recordkeeping.

Our experienced team also has years of experience working with a variety of industries, such as:

  • Small Businesses
  • Professional Services
  • Non Profits
  • Construction
  • Independent Contractors
  • Realtors
  • Startups
  • Self Employed and Freelancers
  • Lawyers and Attorneys
  • Consultants

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Bookkeeping Services for Chicago Area Businesses

Bookkeeping is the process of recording, storing, and retrieving an organization’s financial accounts. When you outsource online bookkeeping with Steph’s Bookkeeping Service, our skilled team of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors will help you analyze, organize, and maintain your company’s financial processes and expenses to prepare you for tax season. We take the responsibility off your hands so you can focus on growing your Chicago-area business.

We work hard to understand your company’s financial state, focusing on financial literacy and offering professional insights to get your business back on track. Every organization is different — that’s why we personalize your financial plan to best suit your business. With extensive knowledge of QuickBooks® and highly trained bookkeepers, you can trust us to get your accounts in order.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Bookkeeping Services for Your Business

You could onboard an in-house accountant to meet your bookkeeping needs, but you won’t get the advantages of outsourcing. Online bookkeeping services for contractors, professional services companies, and other small businesses come with a variety of benefits to you as a business owner. If you’re a business owner looking for a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor to handle your books, Steph’s Bookkeeping can help.

  • Financial Expertise:

You’ll gain access to trained professionals who have extensive knowledge of financial management and organization. Bookkeepers employ best practices to enforce accuracy and prevent errors from occurring, so you can relax knowing that your finances are in good hands.

  • Scalability:

Blooming businesses often begin with small needs that gradually grow and require extra attention. With professional bookkeeping services in greater Chicago, IL, you can scale your needs up or down depending on your financial goals without hiring new staff.

  • Focus on Business Growth:

Bookkeeping is important but time-consuming. Outsourcing bookkeeping services allow you and your staff to focus on bettering your business while the professionals take over your finances and get them in order. This frees up your time to focus solely on improving your services and catering to clients while still maintaining good financial practices.

  • Save Money:

Outsourcing your bookkeeping helps you save money by avoiding the employee overhead costs, payroll taxes, training costs, and holiday pay that you would have to spend when you onboard a new employee. All you have to do is pay for the service, and that’s it. Virtual bookkeeping services allow you to have control of your books without having to leave your home.

Save Your Time and Energy with Expert Bookkeepers

Keeping financial records is an important function, but you’ve also got a business to run. Your skills and attention are invaluable to your team members. Our experienced bookkeeping services can take mountains of paperwork off your to-do list and help you get back to focusing on what’s really important — the bottom line.

We offer personalized bookkeeping services in four key areas of your Chicago business:

  • Reconciliation: In reconciliation, bookkeepers prepare financial records and transactions while searching for discrepancies. It’s a painstaking process that’s vital to staying compliant with the government and helps auditors to check your company’s financial statements.

  • Accounts payable: Our bookkeepers help you manage bills and invoices for your company, including everything from utility payments to reimbursements.

  • Accounts receivable: We will handle every step of your receivables process. Our team of QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor bookkeeping experts specializes in minimizing delinquency and maximizing income.

  • Clean up: Our bookkeepers perform a thorough sweep of your invoices, prior audits and bank records to help you create better payment processes and achieve error-free books.

How Can a Bookkeeper Help Prevent Issues for Your Business?

Bookkeepers are like a guide to the world of recordkeeping. There are many numbers to record for transparency and accountability behind the scenes of your next brilliant business idea or new service process. That’s where our team of bookkeepers can help.

We know the common errors and issues that pop up for businesses and how to prevent them. Four of these main areas include:

  • Keeping track of key dates: Our bookkeepers always have your quarterly statements ready for each season and know the key tax dates for the year, so you don’t have to manage them on your calendar.

  • Catching overdue invoices: Small invoice transactions can often become lost in a sea of paperwork, but expert bookkeepers can help you keep track of every bill you must collect.

  • Always having data backups: A major threat to organizational health is data backups. Our professional bookkeepers keep your records organized and prepared for backup so you can have peace of mind in the event of a cyberattack or human error.

  • Recording every expense: Sometimes, you may miss petty cash expenses and small potential deductions. A bookkeeper can help you spot every hidden transaction to keep your financial records error-free and help you maximize your deductions.

Work with a trusted, experienced bookkeeper located in McHenry ,IL and servicing businesses within the greater Chicago area and beyond. Speak with an expert bookkeeper today to find a solution for you and your small business today. Please fill out our free pricing calculator or call us at (847) 942-3004 for more information on outsourced bookkeeping services.

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With Steph’s Books, you get real people that are invested in growing your business every day. We are confident in our ability to streamline the operations and bookkeeping side of your business. With expert bookkeepers who are reliable, caring, and resourceful, you can trust our team.

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