Small Business Bookkeeping

Small Business Bookkeeping

No one carries the weight of responsibility like a small business owner. Between overseeing staff, monitoring inventory levels and executing marketing strategies, it’s understandable that these entrepreneurs can’t always afford to dedicate time to managing their finances. However, small business expense management isn’t something to ignore.

Luckily, when you outsource payroll services for your small business, you can turn over your financial processes to the professionals while you focus on running your business.

At Steph’s Bookkeeping Services, we offer bookkeeping services for small businesses throughout Chicago, IL, and beyond. Our team of QuickBooks® certified ProAdvisors is qualified to undertake all your company’s payroll and bookkeeping tasks with optimal efficiency.

Why You Need an Outsourced Bookkeeper

Instead of balancing your bookkeeping on top of managing your business, outsourcing bookkeeping services to seasoned professionals helps you minimize your financial responsibilities and eliminate potential errors without the expense of hiring salaried in-house employees.

Other benefits of investing in bookkeeping packages for small businesses include:

  • Receiving expert assistance: Outsourced bookkeeping services put your finances in the hands of reliable professionals with the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure financial success.
  • Allowing scalability: Small business bookkeeping services enable you to scale your expenditures based on your company’s changing needs.
  • Saving time: Handling financial records takes considerable time out of your every day, so having bookkeepers take over these processes gives you more time to focus your efforts on growing your business.
  • Gaining peace of mind: With expert bookkeepers on your side, you can relax knowing that your business is compliant and prepared for tax season.

Our Small Business Bookkeeping Services

When you come to Steph’s Books to streamline your business, you’ll get to choose from our comprehensive suite of bookkeeping packages for small businesses. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Bookkeeping: We’ll advance and maintain your finances with online QuickBooks® bookkeeping services.
  • Payroll: With our payroll services, you can ensure that your employees receive payments promptly while meeting all legal requirements.
  • Accounts payable/receiveable: Our staff will help you monitor your debts and boost revenue by improving invoice processing and collection rates through accounts payable and accounts receivable services.
  • Expense management: You can gain insights into employee expenses and easily reimburse staff members for business-related costs through small business expense management services.
  • Bank reconciliation: We ensure that your financial records and bank statements are consistent with one another through bank reconciliation services.
  • Tax preparation: Our bookkeepers will prepare you for tax season by organizing your accounts and managing your expenses.

What You Get With Steph’s Bookkeeping

When you outsource payroll services for your small business through Steph’s Books, you’ll gain access to experts with over 25 years of financial experience. We help small businesses throughout the Greater Chicago, Illinois, area understand and improve their financial health with top-of-the-line assistance.

Our team will adjust to meet your business’s needs while providing you with comprehensive financial information in a timely manner. We’ll also work with your company’s software to optimize your expense tracking, payments and reports.

Our affordable bookkeeping packages begin at only $99 per month, making them the ideal solutions for small businesses and startups.

Outsource Bookkeeping Services for Your Small Business in Chicago, IL

If you’re looking for small business bookkeeping services you can trust, Steph’s Books can help. We offer a broad assortment of bookkeeping packages customized to your Chicago, IL, business’s needs.

Contact us for more information on our services today!

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