Personal and Business Income Tax Prep Services in Illinois

During income tax season, it’s integral to get everything you need ready for filing. Gather all of your tax forms and find someone to help you organize your materials. At Steph’s Bookkeeping, we can prepare individual and sole proprietor or Schedule C tax returns. If you fall within any of these categories, consider contacting our team today for tax services.

Illinois Tax Prep Service Packages

If you’re looking for personal or small business tax services in Illinois, choose to get preparation help from Steph’s Bookkeeping. We offer two comprehensive packages for individuals and Schedule C sole proprietors or LLCs.

Package 1 — Personal Tax Services ($150)

Our first package is a great choice for local individuals. When you choose package one, you can submit two W-2’s, which is a standard filing procedure. The total cost of this package is $150, but if you have a working dependent child, we can help you file a simple return for them for an extra fee of $50.00.

  • 2 – W2’s (Additional W2’s will be $15 each)
  • Standard Filing
  • $50.00 extra for a simple return for a working dependent child

Package 2 — Personal and Schedule C Business Tax Services ($250)

This package is great for Schedule C LLCs, self-employed individuals, sole proprietorships, and individuals who have investment accounts or received 1099 income. Within this package, we file up to two W-2’s, 1099 income, and Schedule C Form 1040s. The total cost is $200 for complete self-employed tax services in Illinois.

  • 2 – W2’s (Additional W2’s will be $15 each)
  • Schedule C Businesses
  • Investment Accounts
  • 1099

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How to Know Which Way to File

Tax terms can be overwhelming for people outside the financial industry. We simplify the process to ensure you understand which taxes our team can file and if you qualify under one of these categories. Steph’s Bookkeeping can serve the following tax areas.

Income Tax Services for Individuals in Illinois

An individual is a single person — or a married couple — living in the United States. These people will need to file individual tax returns. These forms include information about all of the taxable income you made over the past year.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) uses the tax forms you fill out to determine how much you owe in taxes. Sometimes your taxes are overpaid, which is when you will instead receive a tax return of the excess money taken from your earnings.

Sole Proprietor Tax Services

A sole proprietor operates a one-person business, so they have to file different taxes than a standard individual. The one-person business will not be registered as an LLC or corporation.

Like any other person in the United States, you need to report the income and losses accrued by your business. The information about your one-person business’ profits and losses goes on a Schedule C — the Profit or Loss From a Business form. You submit this part along with your individual 1040 tax form.

Sole proprietors have more to keep track of throughout the year because they do not have an employer withholding taxes from their paychecks. You will need to pay estimated taxes and self-employment taxes, including contributions to Medicare and Social Security.

LLC Tax Services

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) will have different regulations by state. We provide LLC tax services for select clients in Illinois. To qualify for our tax services, the LLC must elect to not be considered a corporation and file a Schedule C form.

Why Choose Steph’s Bookkeeping?

We can help small businesses, the self-employed, rental property owners, and any individual filer who wants help. If you need tax services and aren’t sure if either of our packages matches your exact needs, reach out to see if our team can help you with custom services and pricing.

Our team has over 25 years of experience working in the financial industry. We are fluent in financial literacy and will help you prepare your taxes for filing. By hiring our team to prepare your taxes this season, you are handing them over to an expert and finding more time to focus on your business.

File Faster

Attempting to file taxes on your own can take several hours, especially if you have multiple sources of income, operate as a one-person business, recently bought a house and so on. You could use the time you take doing taxes to put toward other aspects of your business.

Professionals have the necessary experience to prepare your taxes in a much shorter time frame. Steph’s Bookkeeping is a reliable provider you can trust every tax season. Our expert services will help you file your taxes quickly.

Seek Affordable Options

We provide affordable solutions for all of our clients to simplify their life and the process of filing taxes. We understand that tax season is stressful — so we’ve priced our packages with you in mind. We want you to get the assistance you need at a reasonable cost, so we offer our comprehensive packages that include what you need to file securely.

Choose a Professional for Accurate Preparation

Tax forms for self-employed individuals or those operating a small business can be confusing. Life factors such as getting married, real estate transactions and starting a business can impact the number of forms and information necessary. The team at Steph’s Bookkeeping can help you navigate these steps to ensure you’re ready to file.

Contact Steph’s Bookkeeping for Tax Return Services in Illinois

Contact us before April 7th to ensure no tax extension charges. If you miss the deadline, we can still help you, but be aware of the additional charges from the tax extension.

Get in touch with us today so we can help you get started on preparing all of your tax documents for the upcoming tax season.

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