Property Management Bookkeeping Services

At Steph’s Books, we help property managers and real estate agents with detailed, consistent bookkeeping. If you are looking for property management bookkeeping services, we can work with you throughout the process.

About Our Property Management Bookkeeping Services

At Steph’s Books, we offer the following online bookkeeping and payroll services:

  • Payroll: With our payroll service, we make sure you meet all legal obligations and pay each of your employees on time.
  • Bookkeeping: We can develop and maintain your business’s finances.
  • Reconciliation: Our reconciliation services allow us to analyze your bank and account statements to maintain consistent, accurate records.
  • Expense coding: We can simplify your communication and optimize costs with our expense coding services.
  • Account cleanup: With our account cleanup, we can assess your business needs and help you develop a financial plan.
  • Accounts payable: Through our accounts payable services, we manage and monitor your service and product debts.
  • QuickBooks setup: We can set up a QuickBooks account for you, saving you time and customizing the account to your needs.
  • Recurring services: We can set up and maintain ongoing billing with your customers.
  • QuickBooks training: If you want to learn how to manage your finances with QuickBooks, we offer training to help you use the software effectively.
  • Accounts receivable: We can help you improve your invoice processing and collection rates, allowing you to increase revenue and meet your financial goals.

Real Estate Bookkeeping Service Benefits

As a real estate agent or property manager, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits from our bookkeeping service, including:

Rather than dedicating your valuable time to bookkeeping, focus on managing your business by outsourcing your bookkeeping services to the seasoned professionals at Steph’s Books.

  • Save time: One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping is saving time. Your time is your most valuable asset, so it’s important to leverage it effectively. Let us take over your bookkeeping so you can dedicate your time to other vital business areas.
  • Maintain accurate records and accounts: When you trust Steph’s Books with your bookkeeping, you get the peace of mind of knowing we are maintaining correct records and accounts for your business. You can also rest assured that your business is compliant and ready for the tax season. With more than two decades of experience, we can ensure maximum accuracy in your essential records.
  • Focus on your business: By freeing up your time, we can help you return your focus to running your business and making time for your clients.
  • Scale your business: We can help you scale your expenditures according to your changing needs. Since you are returning your focus to your business, you may experience exponential growth, and we can help you handle financial changes efficiently.
  • Cost savings: By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you can save more money than hiring an in-house bookkeeper by avoiding employment costs, such as health insurance, recruitment and training.

Challenges to Real Estate Bookkeeping

Property management bookkeeping can be complex due to the high volume of transactions, clients, assets and expenses. If you’ve been struggling with your bookkeeping, you may be facing some of the following issues:

  • Not having enough time: Bookkeeping requires consistent effort, so you may not have enough time to dedicate to this process. Whether you’re running a start-up, trying to grow your business or managing a thriving company, you may want to outsource your bookkeeping process to the experts.
  • Being unfamiliar with bookkeeping topics: If you are unfamiliar with bookkeeping topics and needs, there can be a steep learning curve, and you may struggle to handle your business’s finances effectively.
  • Struggling to balance responsibilities: Trying to handle this process on your own can take time away from focusing on your business. By outsourcing, you may actually be able to grow your business more quickly.

Fortunately, Steph’s Books has worked with businesses of all kinds. We can handle any bookkeeping and help you get back to your business.

Contact Us for Real Estate Bookkeeping Services

When you work with us at Steph’s Books, you’ll partner with real people who are invested in helping you grow your business. We can streamline bookkeeping and business operations, and with our caring, reliable team, you will know that your bookkeeping is in good hands.

Contact us to get started with your personalized bookkeeping services or get a free quote for your bookkeeping package today.

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